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The National Socialist German Working Man's Party, or Nazi Party, was the leading political party in Germany between 1933 to 1945. It is the Party that formed HYDRA to combat the Allies' science operations. The Party is associated with starting World War II.

Notable members in Marvel LegendsEdit

  • Adolf Hitler - Fuhrer
  • Heinrich Himmler - Reichsfuhrer
  • Johann Schmidt - Obergroppenfuhrer, Head of advanced weaponry, leader of HYDRA
  • Herr Kleiser
  • Baron Von Strucker

Beginnings of World War IIEdit

The Nazi invasion of Poland led to the declaration of war by the United Kingdom. Paranoid about the Allies' possible advancements, Adolf Hitler and Johann Schmidt formed HYDRA to explore possible scientific alternatives.

Super Soldier ProgramEdit

The Nazi Party funded the Super Soldier program that turned Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull, before HYDRA took over supervision.


The Nazis manufactured the mass-killings of those they felt were "sub-human", particularly Jews. Herr Kleiser and Red Skull began experiments on prisoners, including child mutant Erik Lensherr, the future supervillain Magneto. He escaped to hunt down former members of the Party responsible for his ordeal.